Earn Free Bitcoins Safe and Easy With freebitco.in



Freebitco.in is a site that offers multiple ways to earn Bitcoin. My favourite is the Bitcoin Lottery but I also like the free faucet. You are allowed to enter the free faucet once per hour and most of the time I use my free Bitcoin to buy lottery tickets, I haven’t yet won but I hope that will change soon.

The site states that you can win $200 in Bitcoins every hour! That seem like a lot to me, I have never won that much but I have seen other people using the Multiply BTC to earn close to that amount on You Tube.


Free Faucet

The free faucet allows you to claim free Bitcoin every hour. The amounts are small but can mount up over time if you visit the site often. You have to complete a Captcha which is a pain but I think necessary.



Multiply Bitcoin

The multiply Bitcoin is where you can gamble Bitcoin based on a proverly fair system.

There is also an auto-bet system that allows you to pre define settings and then the system will run on it’s own.


Bitcoin Lottery

The lottery is once per week and tickets cost 0.00000001 BTC each. I use free Bitcoin from the faucet to buy my lottery tickets. As you can see below the Lottery Round 124 had a number one prize of almost 2 Bitcoin. At today’s value that is a little over $10,000. That is why I try and enter the lottery as many times as I can using the free faucet.


Earn Interest

You can also use Freebitco.in to earn interest on Bitcoin that you have stored there. They currently pay 4.08% and pay interest daily. There is no lock in period to earn interest and you can with draw your balance anytime you like. All you need to do is maintain a balance of at least 30,000 satoshi (0.0003 BTC) This is a great way to make some more Bitcoin but please be cautious where you store large amounts of Bitcoin.